The way in which we teach and offer courses  has had to adapt during the pandemic, as a training facility we have been lucky to have been able to re open along with mainstream education, however we understand that for many of you, travelling further afield is not an option for you during these uncertain times.

Lead tutor Jo Higgs CBA, has been inundated with requests for online or private training and if you are one of those waiting, we apologise for our delay in our offerings. As fully qualified FE & HE teachers our instructors time has been taken up with coaching our full time students through their exams and qualifications.  Thankfully we are now in a position to turn our attention back to you.



Private Beginners Business &  Creatives Course including Business Mentoring – Taught over Zoom in 5 installments (2 hours each)  Times arranged on application. ALL COURSE MATERIAL ARE SUPPLIED EXCEPT HELIUM, If you have helium we can cover designs with it, if not then this section will be demonstration only or we can offer alternatives.

This Course Covers all you need to know when starting out with balloons!  Our detailed training pack provides you with information on Wholesalers, Suppliers, Inflation Techniques, Float Times, Tying Balloons, Using Helium, Best Practice, Pricing Formulas, Using Vinyl and and so much more… Designs taught include Balloon Bouquets, Spiral Columns, Balloon Garland, Marquee Designs, Bubble Balloons, Foil and Latex Inflation and more..

Your private online lessons will cover:

Session 1 – Inflation, Tying and Sizing Techniques, Balloon Bouquet Construction, Latex, Foil and Bubble Balloons

Session 2 – Cluster Construction: Spiral Column with 3 tying methods, Creating a Themed Party Column – Air Filled

Session 3 – Square Pack Columns used for Marquee Designs and Balloon Walls – Air Filled

Session 4 – Arch  and Garland Designs using Air 

Session 5 – Creative Centrepiece Design using Topiary 



Private 1 Day Course taught 1-2-1 with lead tutor JO Higgs CBA with time dedicated to you & your Business – enquire for details.
If you are searching for the absolute best in learning experiences then booking a private balloon artistry training class with the Balloon Academy is just what you need to do!

You will be taught by our award winning head tutor Jo Uddin CBA who will give you and your business her full attention and design the course around your individual needs.

Beginners Course taught in N9 tailored to you £650
Private balloon decoration training courses allow you to work at your own pace, ask all the questions you need to ask and create the style of balloon decor that relates to your business needs.
Our clients all agree that the level of expertise and dedication the Balloon Training Academy has shown them is second to none. One day private classes start at 10.00am and run through to 4.30 pm giving you time to take in each design and become competent in each individual technique. Private balloon training classes follow a certified syllabus as taught in our grouped classes but because we are offering you one to one training, our time allows us to include further top selling balloon decorations and designs that we do not teach in our group courses. All students receive a detailed training manual with step by step instructions, design ideas, costing and marketing advice and of course a certificate.
What Better Way to start…