The Balloon Training Academy was first launched in November 2007 by tutor Jo Uddin CBA after she identified a need for high quality training offered aside from colleges and in a professional setting. The academy quickly grew and attracted students worldwide, our first overseas student joined us in 2009 from Malaysia and many more followed from Spain, Italy, India, Ghana, Nigeria, Congo, Gibraltar, Ireland, and beyond. Now in its 10th year the academy offers a wide range of courses and has moved on to offer event styling, face painting, photography, merchandising and business alongside our balloon training courses.

Over the years our site has always been bright and colourful as we want to reflect the exciting nature of our industry. Now we have had a fantastic opportunity to totally revamp our site and style and although it was a little scary at first, to change an image we’ve used for 10 years we equally decided it was time for a change!

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